Hospitality Strategy

The hospitality markets have returned creating significant opportunity to develop, reposition and acquire assets.

  • US hotel markets continue their return to 2019 RevPAR levels
  • Occupancy continues to improve
  • Redpoint will target capital sources and other institutional investors that understand the post COVID demand drivers for hotel and mixed-use resort development
  • Our sophisticated structuring allows for the maximizing of capital efficiencies providing the ability to underwrite all available options
  • Construction costs and associated commodity pricing continues to decline and projected to level off by mid 2023
  • Supply/demand imbalance due to hotel closures and conversions to other uses provide for new development opportunities
  • Navigating cap rate spreads, interest rate increases and the difficultly projecting forward values requires experienced advisory skillsets

Download the latest hotelAVE Hospitality Dashboard
Published 8/15/2023