Redpoint Capital Advisors (RCA) is an investment advisory practice that provides its clients a comprehensive suite of best-in-class financial engineering and capital sourcing services in support of all their real estate development, investment, and asset management activities. The firm transcends the typical client-customer advisory framework to one accurately characterized as a partnership, working side by side with its client partners at every step to achieve optimal outcomes both in the short and long runs.

RCA is extremely selective in who it collaborates with and provides access to its deep rolodex of technical partners and capital relationships built over the past 40 years, diligently vetting that it can successfully deliver the full scope of services required and has the bandwidth to provide effective, uninterrupted, hands-on execution without fail.

The RCA team defines success not just by the outcome of one task or engagement, but the series of wins achievable through the establishment and nurture of long-term dynamic partnerships in which Redpoint participates as the de facto finance and capital sourcing arm of its clients. RCA prides itself on offering creative and evolving solutions to development project planning, deal structuring and building out capital programs in even the toughest capital market environments drawing directly from its leadership’s combined 70 years of experience in investment underwriting, deal negotiations and sourcing both traditional and less traditional debt and equity funding.

The primary services offered by RCA include:

  • Capital markets execution- includes traditional senior and stretch debt, bridge financing, preferred equity, mezzanine, C-PACE, EB-5, sale-leasebacks, and other forms of capital required to fill out the capital stack.
  • Developer and CoGP Sourcing- the firm has significant relationships with the strongest developers, property management and investment groups in the country that it can fold into its client partners’ opportunities to assist with development, governance and filling out project equity needs.
  • Brand and Operations - the firm has long standing relationships with senior development and feasibility leadership of all the hotel brands for decades including Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, IHG, Accor and others and most of the top operators in the US.
  • Project programming- working closely with design, loan origination and other technical professionals to optimize development, redevelopment and acquisition programs with respect to their economics, financeability and market positioning.
  • Investment underwriting- preparing extremely user-friendly spreadsheet based financial models that allow the firm’s client partners and capital sources easy, real-time sensitivity testing to key utilization, timing and financing variables.
  • Preparation of compelling investment collateral materials for distribution and presentation to drive RCA’s and its client partners’ capital sourcing and asset management reporting efforts.
  • Asset valuation- in support of client partner asset or portfolio recapitalization and disposition decision making and activities.
  • Asset management- careful monitoring of asset utilization, budgeting and performance metrics as advocates for its client partners oversight of property managers and to provide comprehensive reporting to its clients’ capital partners.